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SEA KNIGHT (Morgan, R. R85) 20"-25" EM Very dark blue, orange line signal. A garden favoite.

SINFONETTA (Raabe, R 86) 33" EM Mid gentian blue with yellow crests.




Southdowns (O'Connor, P.) R.1992. 38" EM. Light blue-purple with pronounced white underlay, giving pale blue effect, orange signal; white style arms-arms. Cajun Caper X unk
STARLIGHT STARBRITE (Granger, M. R 85) 24" White, small greenish yellow signal; slight fragrance. Seedling of Creole Can Can
TREVOR (Ostheimer, R., R01) 38"-42" M Tall and vigorous violet self with orange triangular signal surrounded with white blooming at midseason. Styles violet edged with pale yellow green. Flowers at 3 positions on strong stalk, sometimes with branching. (Mrs. Ira Nelson X Blue Duke)

 Voodoo Queen Rowlan, H. 1992 36 (91) EL Ruffled dark violet-purple, yellow line signal; slight spicy fragrance. Graceland X Mentida




 Wine Country Dunn, M. 1987 34 (86) M Stands rich deep burgundy wine red; falls ruffled deep burgundy red, tiny yellow green line spear and signal. Charlie's Michele X Blue Shield a garden favorite.